PMB Trading

PMB Trading Group specializes in financial and investment consulting services and provides its clients with strategic solutions about obtaining financial instruments widely used in international transactions. We also provide solutions for receiving funds for various projects against financial instruments. Having a good understanding of our clients’ needs, our specialists offer various innovative financial solutions and services.

We use the best practices in financial engineering to solve problems of our clients who are interested in obtaining financial instruments to realize their projects or finance commercial transactions.

We achieve the best results using our direct relationships with institutional investors who are our reliable financial partners. Our experts can guarantee highly professional and confidential consultations in any area of using the financial instruments.

OUR Vision

  • Striving to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the customers.
  • Being market leader in defend market segments.
  • Providing quality products & reliable services and sourcing from  reputed manufacturers.
  • Becoming professional marketing partner for our principals to meet the objectives of sales, market information, and customer service.
  • Being the preferred supplier of our customers, with our products exceeding their quality requirements.
  • Giving timely information to the customers regarding trends of the market dynamics.
  • Harnessing the creative energies of all our staffs through team work, develop and a transparent work environment.