Amphitheater Chair

Seatec provides you with the design and implementation of the amphitheater hall, a space for performing shows and holding music concerts. Of course, the use of building an amphitheater hall is not limited to holding shows and music concerts. The design of the amphitheater provides a multi-purpose space for organizations and companies.
A space that is the venue for all conferences, as well as theater and music programs. Designing and building an amphitheater is a specialized work and should be done by those who have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field.

Office Chair

The design of the modern and stylish office chair is simple, suitable for office and home environments based on ergonomic principles, and it is possible to adjust the waist according to the height of the user. The back and seat frame is made of reinforced polyamide, which is mounted on a five-layer base made of high-strength steel sheet with nickel-chrome plating. Seatec tests the components of all its manufactured products by confirming the valid standards of this industry in its equipped industrial laboratory.

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