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Pishgaman M.B. Trading Co.

Iran is an active country in the field of exporting agricultural products. Fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, pistachios, saffron, dates, Honey…. are among the most important exports of Iran n these categories.

export of sweets and chocolates faced a growth of 23% in recent 3 years  which shows the increase in the popularity of Iranian products in other countries.

The total value of Iran’s non-oil trade rose 38 percent from June 2021 up to March 2022 as compared to the same period of time in the past year. Iran has traded over 122.5 million tons of non-oil products worth $72.1 billion with other countries in the mentioned period. The weight of trade in the mentioned period also grew by 11 percent in comparison to the figure for the previous fiscal year.

The official put the nine-month non-oil exports at 92.3 million tons valued at $35.1 billion, with a 40-percent rise in value and eight percent growth in weight.

PMB Trading, is trying to gain an obvious share of these market due to our potentials of trade of commodities in the region.